Monday, September 15, 2008

A $5 Note Slips Away

This morning i went to Bedok to get free papers and bought some kueh for my wife for her breakfast. I got $5 change which i put in my right pocket. Just a couple of minutes later, when i reached into the same pocket to pay for a pack of Fisherman's Friend, i realise the $5 note is gone. Damn. It must have slipped out of my pocket somehow. Crap.

And yesterday i tapau 2 packets of hor fun from the coffee shop downstairs. My son loves to eat hor fun.

But when his grandma opened the 2 packets, they turned out to be fried rice instead. The 煮炒char bor must have heard me wrongly. Ow ee ai.

My son was upset he called me to ask why there was no hor fun. Next time i buy from them i must make sure they give me exactly what i ordered.


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