Thursday, July 05, 2007

Death Proof

Caught Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof

last week. Not bad. It's more talk than action though. That's how a movie gets critically-acclaimed. A movie that has tons of talking with little or no action at all usually has better chances of being appreciated by the critics. If it's just a pure action movie like any of the Die Hard series, it usually gets belittled by the critics. Incidentally, Death Proof hasn't fared well on the cinema box office.

In Death Proof,

Kurt Russell

is psycopath Stuntman Mike who kills chicks with his car for fun. He managed to kill the first batch of 4 girls by the 1st half of the movie. He killed them by crashing his fortified Nova into their Civic. He survived of course. But after over a year, when he targets another group of 3 ladies while one is lying down on the bonnet, he almost killed her by using his Dodge Charger

to bump into their Dodge Challenger.

After the Challenger came to a stop and flung real life Kiwi stuntwoman, Zoe Bell,

off its bonnet, Zoe the Cat, as she is known in the movie, survived the plunge into some bushes.

Russell then came out of his car and told the ladies that was really fun.

The 3 ladies were so angered by Russell's crazy antic that one of them shot him in the arm. Russell panicked and drove off. The ladies decided to have their revenge by killing him. They chased him down, crashed into his car, caused it to flip over a few times. After Russell's Charger crahsed to a stop, Russell shrieked a very high-pitched "ARGH...!" in agony like a woman. The 3 ladies dragged him out of his car, took turns to rain punches and kicks on him until he died.

Lovely babe, Rose McGowan

had an unfortunate demise when she hitched a ride on Russell's Chevrolet Nova

McGowan sure did get a very bumpy, nasty and ultimately fatal ride inside Russel's Nova. She didn't even get to sit down on any proper car seat. She had to rest her butt on a metal plate with no back rest whatsoever. Russell killed her by just jerking the car sideways and jamming the car's brakes. As she wasn't restrained by any seat beat, she was flung around in all directions, hit her head against the metal and glass, bled and died. Poor thing. She had a better turn though, in the other Grindhouse feature, Planet Terror.

After one of her legs was mauled off by a bunch of zombies, she got a powerful gun attached to the stump and blew away her enemies with it.

The best-looking babe in the 2nd half of Death Proof was the cheerleader, Lee, played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

She was left out of the action though, as her 3 friends left her to keep the owner of the Dodge Challenger, played by Jonathan Loughran (right), occupied.


Blogger Emperor Liu said...

A scene resembles to a game, Burnout Revenge.

Thursday, July 5, 2007 at 7:04:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Mockingbird said...

That stunt was pretty impressive. Stuntman Mike overtook the car of the ladies at night. Then he turned his Nova around towards their direction, turned off his headlights, sped towards them, turned on his high beam just before his Nova hit their car, smashed right into them. All the ladies died, he survived because his Nova was "death-proof".

One of the ladies who was dangling her leg outside the window at the time of the crash, had her leg lobbed off by the force. Her severed leg was shown flying off and landing on the road in slow motion :p

Friday, July 6, 2007 at 11:50:00 AM GMT+8  

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