Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Keep Scan-Plate & Cashcard Slot of IU Separate

One obvious problem we have with the current In-Vehicle Units (IUs) in our motor vehicles is the location of the cashcard slot. As the IU is attached to the front windscreen, any cashcard left inside the IU of a parked vehicle would be obvious to anyone outside the vehicle.

It seems even a cashcard cover can’t save a windscreen from being smashed by a burglar to steal the concealed cashcard. Some car owners even have the misfortune of having their windscreen smashed even though they have kept their cashcard elsewhere. But because their cashcard cover is concealing the cashcard slot, the burglars presumed the cashcard is inside the IU.

It would be good if LTA can come out with a IU where the cashcard slot and the scan-plate above the IU (attached to the windscreen) are separate. The cashcard slot should ideally be located below the dashboard, where a cashcard inside cannot be seen by people outside the vehicle. Better still, hide the cashcard slot part of the IU inside the glove compartment.

I’m sure by keeping the scan-plate of the IU and the cashcard slot separate, it would help to prevent motorists from having their windscreens smashed and their cashcards stolen.

Even though LTA has plans to roll out ERP payment by using the motorist’s credit card, to eliminate the problem of a motorist forgetting to slot his cashcard in the IU before going under a gantry in operation, an IU where the scan-plate and the cashcard slot are separate would still be useful since not every motorist has a credit card.


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