Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Wrongfully Accused 2

When I was in Secondary 2, there was once I brought an umbrella to school as it was raining in the morning when I went to school. It was a free umbrella given by my dad’s company.

I left the umbrella hanging on the window of my classroom and forgot to bring it home after school that day.

My mum scolded and nagged at me incessantly for being careless and forgetful.

When I went to school the following day and looked for the umbrella where I left it, it was no longer there.

It was crappy. I was upset for losing the umbrella.

After several months, I chanced upon this umbrella at the school’s drink-stall.

I recognised it to be my umbrella and wanted to bring it home.

But the drink-stall owner and helper wrongfully accused me of trying to steal it.

I still remember what the asshole helper said when I claimed the umbrella was mine and wanted to bring it home.

He said: “小小年纪就学人家偷东西。”(So young already learn to steal.)

Bloody fucking asshole.

They claimed the umbrella was given to them by a 校友 (school friend). School-friend my ass, this fucker had not even graduated from school yet, as I came to find out.

I asked the fucker did he take the umbrella from the window of my classroom, and he sheepishly said yes.

Cock-sucker, mother-fucker!

That’s proof I wasn’t trying to steal something which didn’t belong to me but was merely taking back what belonged to me rightfully from the beginning.

This asshole was what we called a poison-face, as a close friend and classmate of mine used to deride schoolmates with poor complexion. He had tons of pimples on his fuck face.

Thinking back, I should have shoved the metal tip of my umbrella up his ass for taking my stuff and causing me to get shit from my mum. Of course, the umbrella would have become dirty if i had done that. By the time i found and claimed back my umbrella, it was already quite seasoned as it had been used by the drink-stall owner and his helper for some time.


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