Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Wrongfully Accused

It feels utterly shitty to be wrongfully accused of doing something which you did not do at all.

It happened to me when I was in primary school. I was queing up in an orderly fashion to buy some stuff from the school’s stationery shop. An asshole cut into my queue. I moved in front him as it was my rightful position in the queue.

Then the shopkeeper, a stupid bitch, thought I jumped queue and used a ruler to hit me and told me to queue up properly.

She wrongfully accused me of jumping queue. Bloody hell.

I was pissed of course. But I wasn’t old enough to assert my right yet by telling her that it was in fact the fucktard who cut my queue.

Too bad there’s just no way for me to ever right this wrong which I suffered so many donkey years ago. I bet the stupid bitch is either dead or around her 80s or 90s by now.

As for the idiotic moron who cut my queue, I hope he gets run down dead by a car.


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