Friday, April 13, 2007

Ugly Singaporeans

Many years ago, my mum and i were trying to take a cab home from a relative's place. It was quite hard to get a cab as it was a Saturday night. After waiting for qutie some time, we managed to flag down a cab. Just as we opened the door and were about to enter the cab, two low-life scums dashed into the cab from the other side and sunk their butts onto the seat. We were thus deprived of the cab which we flagged down first. If i ever encounter such scums now i would curse and yell at them at the top of my voice to get out of the cab. Can't be a wimp and let these bullies walk all over us and have their way.

When i was in secondary school, there was once i wanted to take a bus home after hanging out with some friends at Parkway Parade. The driver of a TIBS bus number 853 refused to let me board even though the bus was empty. When i hit the door to get the bus-driver to open the door for me, he gestered me a punch. Had i encountered such an asshole years later, i would have taken down the bus plate number and complained against him until he gets fired.

Such is the Sinkieland which we live in heh? First-come-first-serve doesn't always work all the time, there will always be some rude barbarians who will jump your queue and refuse to queue up from the end of the line.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bus Lane Wardens Chit Chat

Run Across The Expressway