Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Why Cabbies Prefer Malay Passengers

Even though i have only been driving for less than a month, i have noticed the passengers that i have been picking up comprised more of Malays than Chinese.

This caused me to deduce that Malays are generally more willing than Chinese to spend money on taking taxis to where they want to go.

Then i heard another side of the story. It's a religious one. As Chinese are unbelievers, they are considered to be spiritually unclean. So our good friends are not keen on squeezing with the heathen either on a crowded MRT train or a packed bus.

This is why they would either buy their own car or take taxis to travel around.

Why do cabbies prefer Malay passengers? Simply because they are more courteous and polite than Chinese. Generally it's the Chinese who are more "gao jare" (fussy in Hokkien). The male Chinese are more likely to anal assholes while the female Chinese are more likley to be bitchy bitches. They are the ones who make a cabby's life miserable.

Malays are more "chin chye" (easy-going in Hokkien).

Cabbies are thankful for this. Or at least they ought to be.

Enough said.