Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fare Cheats

I have been driving a cab since January 2009 and so far I have encountered 2 fare cheats.

The 1st one was a lady whose credit card could not be processed successfully as it had been maxed out. Then she claimed she would transfer the fare she owed me via internet. The transfer never took place.

Last night i picked up a Mat from Marine Crescent to Bedok North Street 3.

Bugger said he would go upstairs to take the money and give me. He gave me $2 first before he got out of the cab. I waited like a fool for almost 10 minutes and he never appeared again.

Mother-fucking bastard!

I'm okay with giving free rides to people who are genuinely needy.

But i hate being taken for free rides. Cabbies do what they do to make a living to support their family. They are not primarily in the business of giving free rides.

Next time, must ask the fucker for his or her IC before they leave the cab and claim they would return with the fare they owe me.

Better still, when they board the cab, ask them, "You got money to take taxi or not? If you have no money, please walk home! Get the fuck outta my cab NOW!"