Monday, May 24, 2010

Jona Plays With Public Phone At Terminal 3

Friday, May 07, 2010

Richard Ng Takes My Cab

Yesternight I picked up Hong Kong comedy cum drama actor, Richard Ng, along Kitchener Road, outside City Square Residences.

He asked me to take him to Great World City.

Actually, it was an ang-moh couple who hailed my cab first. But they let Richard have the cab first as he started waiting for a cab earlier than they did. I commented this to him about how courteous the Caucasians are, in Mandarin. He didn't understand what i said. Guess he speaks only Cantonese and English and maybe some other dialect.

As i looked at him thru the rear-view mirror, i asked him,

"Sir, you remind me of the Hong Kong actor Richard Ng. Are you him?"
"Yes, I am," he replied.

Me: I used to grow up watching your comedy movies. You did quite a lot of nudity sequences. (Personally, i found those nudity sequences highly hilarious.)

He commented about how the nudity sequences make the movie funny and stuff like that.

He told me he migrated to England and lived there for 13 years and recently moved back to Hong Kong as it was his home sweet home.

He told once he witnessed with his own eyes a China man pulling a woman out of a cab just because he wanted to have the cab for himself first.

He also commented on the huge influx of China immigrants into Singapore. He said in time to come, Singapore's crime rate would go up because of these immigrants.

He added the Singapore government was importing bad blood.

By the way, he's in Singapore to do a new comedy drama serial called Silver Lining. MediaCorp actually arranged for him to stay at the City Square Residences. How cool is that?

When we reached Great World City's taxi-stand, he said, "Look! So many people waiting for you!"

And he was sporting enough to let me take a shot of him.

Keep up the good work, Richard!