Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What does FB stand for to you?

For someone who sits in front of the computer 12 hours a day, FB stands for Facebook.

For a cabby who sits behind the steering wheel of a cab 12 hours a day, FB stands for Fucking Bastard.

When the cabby can't stop in time and crashes into the rear of the vehicle in front of him along a highway, the FB passenger who asked the cabby to drive as fast as he could, scolds the cabbie "Fucking bastard!"

Tailgaters are idiots. They would rather waste time tailgating you on the extreme right lane of an expressway at 100km/h rather than overtake you on the left side even when there are cars on the next left lane.

Women are multi-taskers? But you probably won't see them waving thanks to you when you give way to them and let them cut into your lane `cos they have to keep both their hands on the steering wheel at all times.

In Singapore, most drivers don't exercise the simple basic courtesy of waving thanks or apology when they cut into somebody else's lane. Only a minority does. It's like, for this rude majority, it would kill them to do so. Imagine having to face all these FBs on the roads and in the cab day in day out. No wonder cabbies die of high blood pressure and heart attack.